Crimsafe iQ

Crimsafe iQ delivers unrivalled protection secured by Australia’s strongest, smartest, most technologically advanced mesh security screen door.

As Australia’s strongest, smartest, most technologically advanced mesh security screen door, Crimsafe iQ delivers unrivalled protection for your family, home or business. Years of research and development has culminated in a security screen door that has passed the toughest, most rigorous burglar-resistance test in the world – the RC2 Test; a test far more stringent than Australian Standards. In fact, Crimsafe iQ is now officially the strongest stainless steel security screen door in Australia.

Crimsafe iQ is reinforced with more locking points than other Crimsafe security screen doors and features anti-crowbar heavy-duty hinges, anti-lift pins and a wider, stronger frame. With the choice of a mechanical (iQ-m) or electronic (iQ-e) locking options, Crimsafe iQ provides maximum security, convenience and flexibility. The iQ-m door features five individual lock modules, providing ten-point locking and a mechanical lock. The iQ-e door features three lock modules, providing six-point locking system and electronic access options including keypad, Bluetooth and key fob.

How strong is Crimsafe iQ?

Crimsafe iQ has been designed and proven, to withstand the highest levels of impact inflicted during the rigorous RC2 test – the toughest burglar-resistance test in the world. Crimsafe iQ is the strongest home stainless steel security screen door in Australia and is up to 7 times stronger than the Australian Standard.

What makes Crimsafe iQ so strong?

A unique combination of engineering and technology is what gives Crimsafe iQ its title of Australia’s strongest security screen door.

  • Crimsafe’s Screw-Clamp™ technology secures the mesh to the entire frame with a vice-like grip.
  • Crimsafe iQ uses twice as many screws concealed within the fastening system for greater stability and fastening.
  • Features 6 or 10 locking points – more than any other security screen door.
  • Reinforced with patented heavy-duty hinges and anti-lift pins to bolster the door into the frame.
  • A clip-on cover conceals the screws to prevent tampering.
  • A wider, stronger frame for improved rigidity.
  • Striker plate and build-out for a custom fit.

What is the warranty for Crimsafe iQ?

When you invest in Crimsafe iQ you can have peace of mind that your product is backed by our comprehensive 10-year warranty that can be extended to 15 years.

Security and much more

When you buy a Crimsafe product, superior strength, versatility, and durability come standard. So too does several other benefits that can bring additional comfort and peace of mind to your family.

Unhindered views and a feeling of open space
It’s essential to feel safe, but no-one wants to feel closed in behind heavy bars and grilles. Crimsafe security screens are so strong they don’t need unsightly bars or grilles – so you maintain a feeling of open space and unhindered views.

Insect protection
In Australia, we love our outdoor lifestyle, but bugs and insects can really spoil the party. Crimsafe security screens keep out all the unwanted intruders, even the smallest ones with a small 1.5mm x 1.5mm aperture.

Airflow and through-breezes
One of the greatest benefits of Crimsafe is the ability to enjoy a breeze and fresh air without compromising your security. Crimsafe allows you to leave doors and windows open while you are at home, making the most of natural light and fresh air, with the comfort of knowing you and your family are safe from unwanted intruders.

Fall protection
Each year, more than 50 children fall from windows or balconies in Australia. Crimsafe provides a strong barrier to prevent falls from windows, while still allowing you to open your windows to enjoy a breeze confidently.

Save on power bills
The greatest heat gain, or loss, in a home, occurs through glass windows and doors. Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff® stainless steel mesh blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain and 62% of UV rays, keeping your home significantly cooler in summer. In winter, Crimsafe screens also help stop heat escaping, keeping your home warmer. This means less reliance on air conditioning and heating, saving you money on power bills.

Protection from the elements
Australia experiences harsh weather conditions that can batter our homes and cause damage. Crimsafe screens protect your home from more than just intruders:

  • Heat protection – blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain through glass windows and doors;
  • UV protection – blocks up to 62% of UV rays, helping to reduce heat and prevent fading of soft furnishings;
  • Hailstones and flying debris – acts as a barrier for hail and other wind-borne debris, to protect glass windows and doors from breaking;
  • Fire protection – blocks 59% of radiant flames and heat, slowing down the spread of fire from one floor to another, or to neighbouring buildings;
  • Cyclone protection – for buildings in high-risk cyclone areas, Crimsafe has a specially designed Cyclone Protection Screen rated for regions C and D.

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